Isobel Higley

Sweet Tooth 

In her recent project Sweet Tooth, Higley explored the aesthetics of gourmet food in the modern era. This visual language of food is conveyed through serialised cooking programmes, advertising and social media platforms. By mimicking traditional food preparation techniques within the medium of ceramics, Higley creates a permanent and inedible outcome.


Small Spirits

Holding Spirits are designed to be held and kept as an object of importance. When held, the Spirit's form evokes a comforting sense of calm intended to gently soothe the user when the user is in a worried state. Individuals are encouraged to hand over their concerns to the figure in their hands and allow themselves to feel reassured about a  situation. These small batch handmade ceramic pieces celebrate feeling positive and refreshed in everyday lives. 



Large Spirits

Large Glaze and Stain spirit.jpg
Large Glazed Spirit.jpg
Large Slip spirit.jpg